About Us

We are dedicated to provide quality assurance services through inspections and rework materials.
We are committed to perform work of high concentration, discipline and responsibility to provide security to our customers through quality service and meet your expectations.

Our Philosophy

We recognize the importance of operating clean and orderly, paying attention to detail, giving a rapid response to meet the standards of quality and safety of the plants where they work.

Trust between the team is expected, this trust makes the moment that each of us work we implement the following values.



What we do, we do it well. It involves identifying, meet and exceed the requirements search our position in the company.

Work team

Our organization is one team, where there are no barriers, divisiveness or divergent objectives between different areas, departments, sections or turns, all we are guided by our policy and quality objectives.

Service attitude

It's being willing to identify needs and work to meet the requirements of the person you interact through a friendly and authentic.


Ethics is defined as a set of normative principles of behavior. In S & S we have defined a code of ethics.


We are a company that provides a service to our clients that guarantees the quality of their materials, through the implementation of our organizational philosophy.

Supplier Support
Custom solutions

With Supplier Support you may find flexible support packages to suit your needs, material inspection, rework, assisted manufacturing services, outsource recruitment and selection of personnel.


Our staff is certified in methodologies AIAG X RED, DD & W, PPAP and APQP which offer services like making of projects in which these tools are required.


Through the engineering team performed analysis on inspection methods and flows defined to find the most efficient and effective for the provision of the service.